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Data Training
for Professionals

We enable workplaces to develop in-house talent with first-class training in high demand data skills.

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Seize your Chances of the Digital Age


Be data driven

Keep your knowledge up to date as well as learn new skills. Our training offer the latest in cutting edge and in-demand data science analytics.


Upgrade your company

Increase your value to your company with new in-demand skills. Have the ability to respond to the latest challenges in your industry.


Synchronize your team

Bring new insights and valuable contributions to your team. Lead your team in problem solving and share your knowledge to benefit all.


Data skills are essential for thriving companies

Innovation is a key force in transforming business and increasingly occurs as the result of storing and analyzing data to create and optimize products and services. Many businesses lack these skills and are struggling to stay competitive. With an appropriately skilled workforce, imagine what your team can achieve.

Tap the full potential with our data training

StackFuel equips workforces to drive innovation and embrace the benefits of data science by providing employees with skills-based training that covers the latest technologies and practices. We do this with industry tailored, self-paced, vocational training that suits your needs.


Our Training Opportunities

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Data Awareness

A seminar that covers the basics of data analytics to gain an understanding of data-driven work and decision-making and to synchronise team work.

1 month
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Data Analyst in Python

A practical, hands-on training that will teach you how to analyse and visualise data, and perform basic statistical operations on data with Python.

3 months
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Data Scientist with Python

Covers machine learning, advanced statistics and processing Big Data with Apache Spark and Hadoop.

4 months

How We do Online Training

Our Data Lab is a browser-based interactive environment where participants learn modular concepts and instantly apply their learning in a code playground that supports current versions of Python, R, and all necessary libraries. The platform guides you through quizzes and other learning exercises with the option to contact a mentor whenever needed.

  • “Data science and analytics are no longer just buzzwords - they are essential business tools.” PWC
  • “Invest in market-driven programs that link learning with work.” PWC
  • “... more importantly, companies will need to develop training programs to increase the capabilities of their current management and analyst ranks.” PWC

Benefits of Digital Learning

Why online education is taking you beyond

With online learning, you can acquire the skills you need at a pace and time that suits you. Content is always up-to-date and you can instantly test your knowledge with interactive quizzes or code playgrounds. Thanks to this convenience and instant feedback, online learning has higher retention rates, greater student satisfaction, and lower costs.

  • Industry and academia teachers

  • Self-paced learning

  • Industry-specific projects

  • Access to support & peers

Your Company:

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Develop and retain your in-house talent with first-class training in high
demand data skills.

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