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Digital learning is here to stay: 5 tips for successful e-learning

Let's face it: self-determined learning with digital media – known as e-learning - is becoming the new standard. But what exactly does that mean for you? To put it specifically, it means that you have access to the learning materials at any time and any place. At the same time, e-learning is a challenge for your organization and planning skills. In order to equip you with a productive setup for your next learning units, we’re presenting you with 5 tips that guarantee learning success.

Tip 1: Learning is easier in the right atmosphere

The right atmosphere plays an important role in your learning success. Find a place where you feel comfortable and can fully concentrate on learning. Try to put away all things that distract you. Make sure you have all the materials you need at hand: that's most likely your laptop to research topics and work on assignments. Or Post-Its to capture little flashes of inspiration, so they don't get forgotten. Learning in a positive mood is more successful, because you approach things more creatively and it is easier for you to solve problems. 

Tip 2: Stress-free learning with successful time management

Flexibility in terms of time and independence of location are both a blessing and a curse when it comes to e-learning. "First things first" is therefore the most important rule for you: first define what you want to accomplish in this session and set yourself clear goals. Then consider which topics are particularly important. Increase your productivity by combining similar tasks. Set yourself clear time blocks that you want to use productively so that you don’t lose focus. Do this according to your biorhythm and personal daily routine. But it is at least as important that you take a few rest breaks. The principle here isthe longer you learn, the longer the subsequent break needs to be. With a clear head, you will learn much more easily and more effectively. 

Tip 3: More structure in your daily learning routine

More structure means greater success. Develop productive routines as an integral part of your everyday learning. Over time, a routine becomes a habit, and you’ll do things almost automatically. Without even thinking about it, you can increase your learning success and performance after a short time. Routines work according to a certain scheme. The first level is the so-called trigger, which gives the starting signal for the learning unit. For example, clear your workplace and select all the materials you need. This is followed by the action. These can be certain action processes. For example, you start by repeating the learning content from the previous units, then you plan your day and finally work through the work blocks. At the end of each routine comes the reward. Check off the points on your to-do list and then sit back and relax for a coffee break. Structure and routines give you confidence - you perform them unconsciously and master your daily learning routine successfully.

Tip 4: Virtual team spirit for common learning goals

Teamwork motivates, and that also applies to learning. Look for a learning buddy who is dealing with similar topics. You can motivate each other and help each other virtually with questions. Solve tasks together, support each other in case of problems or go through the learning content together. Working as a team lightens the mood and helps you to associate learning with a positive experienceIf one of you gets stuck, you can motivate each other with encouraging words to get back to full speed in your learning projects. After you’ve finished th work, the shared reward is twice as much fun.

Tip 5: Stay on the ball for your learning goals

E-Learning requires a lot of self-discipline. To stay motivated, it helps to see learning as a personal challenge. You want to master this challenge as successfully as possible. Prove to yourself that you can do it. Get to know your own strengths and weaknesses and use them to set realistic goals. Achieving your goals gives you a positive feeling and guarantees a recurring sense of achievement. It may also help you to visualize how much you have already achieved. The important thing is not to lose sight of your overall goal. Afterwards you can be proud of what you have already achieved. 

Career boost with part-time online courses

The knowledge you gain through e-learning will also help you on the job. The better qualified you are, the more likely you are to find a new or more secure position. Did you know that half of the people worldwide will need to be retrained by 2025? Increasing digitalization, automation and process optimization are leading to massive changes in our existing job roles. In the next few years, there will be completely new job profiles for which you will need certain skills. Data skills are the real game changer here. If you can aggregate, process and analyze data, you can become an indispensable champion for your company. And entering the world of data is easier than you think. Are you interested in becoming a data analyst? You can complete a part-time training program in just three months, and you only need minimal prior knowledge of mathematics. Do you want to spice up your job profile with future-relevant data skills? We will help you to successfully master your personal learning challenge. Contact us here and we will be happy to show you which e-learning courses can help you into a digital future.

Rebecca Marzahn

Rebecca Marzahn

Rebecca gehört bei StackFuel fast schon zum alten Eisen. Mehr als 2 Jahre ist sie jetzt an Bord und Assistentin für Marketing und Vertrieb. Wenn Sie nicht gerade Beiträge für Social Media oder den Blog schreibt, jongliert sie geschickt zwischen den beiden Abteilungen. Als echte Powerfrau ist sie nebenbei noch in den letzten Zügen ihres Masterstudiums. In ihrer Freizeit widmet sich Rebecca leidenschaftlich dem Hundesport und nimmt mit ihren beiden Hunden an Wettkämpfen teil.

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