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Empower your Business
with Data Training

We bring data expertise to your workplace by upskilling your staff with real life solutions to industry challenges.

Helping your Company Thrive


Company wide data literacy

Data is everything in the new economy, and the more of your employees understand this, the better. We can help your entire workforce become data literate, in terms relevant to them.


Upskill inhouse talents

Recruiting experienced people is time-consuming and expensive. By upskilling your existing workforce you get the skills your business needs, whilst retaining their existing experience.


Create an attractive workplace

When you do need to grow your workforce, offering personal development and education is an enticing incentive to potential new hires.


Our Realm: Business Customers

We focus on meeting the specific requirements of workplaces

Learning data technologies is still complex, expensive and takes a lot of time today. Through our training we increase the data competencies of your business with our comprehensive online training. We deliver hands-on, engaging, practical knowledge which will equip your staff with the tools necessary to meet the data challenges of today and the future.

Our Training Opportunities

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Data Awareness

A seminar that covers the basics of data analytics to gain an understanding of data-driven work and decision-making and to synchronise team work.

1 month
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Data Analyst in Python

A practical, hands-on training that will teach you how to analyse and visualise data, and perform basic statistical operations on data with Python.

3 months
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Data Scientist with Python

Covers machine learning, advanced statistics and processing Big Data with Apache Spark and Hadoop.

4 months

Get an Insight into our Learning Technology

Get in touch and request a demo to learn about our data training environment.

Features for Business Customers

Data requirements today

Skills shortages in data science are curtailing the ability of companies to respond to their industry specific challenges. We provide training solutions that upskill your employees to meet the needs of your business.

  • Data Lab

    StackFuel provides a cloud-based data environment with no set up efforts on your side.

  • Training Evaluation

    StackFuel evaluates companies' needs before the training as well as results afterwards.

  • Training Organization

    StackFuel takes care of the communication with your workforce.

  • Learn Managament System

    StackFuel offers a web-based LMS where course content is managed and participants are guided.

How we operate


Contact us and together we will evaluate your workplace needs and what training will benefit you most.


We have trainings commencing on a regular basis. Find one that suits your needs at your convenience.

During the course

Your staff is able to keep track of their progress throughout their training and will enjoy ongoing support from staff and tutors.


Upon training completion your staff will be able to bring new knowledge into your company and share it with their colleagues.

  • “Data science and analytics are no longer just buzzwords - they are essential business tools.” PWC
  • “Invest in market-driven programs that link learning with work.” PWC
  • “... more importantly, companies will need to develop training programs to increase the capabilities of their current management and analyst ranks.” PWC

Your Company:

A home of data professionals

Develop and retain your in-house talent with first-class training in high
demand data skills.

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