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Gain valuable skills to benefit your team with our industry focused courses for the new data driven workplace.

How You Benefit


Be data driven

Keep your knowledge up to date as well as learn new skills. Our training offer the latest in cutting edge and in-demand data science analytics.


Develop your skillset

Increase your value to your company with new in-demand skills. Gain the ability to respond to the latest challenges in your industry.


Synchronize your team

Bring new insights and valuable contributions to your team. Lead your team in problem solving and share your knowledge to benefit all.

Curious about Data Technologies?

Advance your skills with our training and seminars

Our training will prepare you for a role in data analytics and data science by teaching you how to use Python, R, SQL and Tableau. Use this knowledge to uncover insights about your business, communicate critical information and create data-driven solutions to your business problems.

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Our Training Opportunities

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Data Awareness

A seminar that covers the basics of data analytics to gain an understanding of data-driven work and decision-making and to synchronise team work.

1 month
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Data Analyst in Python

A practical, hands-on training that will teach you how to analyse and visualise data, and perform basic statistical operations on data with Python.

3 months
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Data Scientist with Python

Covers machine learning, advanced statistics and processing Big Data with Apache Spark and Hadoop.

4 months

Course Features

Interactive Data Lab

Learning by doing is the most effective way of learning complex topics. Our online platform is an interactive data lab that allows participants to learn Python and R techniques by trying code and directly seeing the results.

Industry Specific Datasets

We tailor our example datasets to suit your industry and its needs, meaning that participants work with examples relevant to their work. Optionally, we can integrate company-specific data sets into the course.

Course Management

Our courses run on timelines that you define. This means participants in your workforce can take part in courses together, creating a positive learning experience.

Always up to Date

Programming languages and libraries are constantly changing. Our Data Lab will always offer the most up to date stable versions of Python, R, and common libraries.


The data lab is a cloud-based infrastructure, avoiding the need for setup, maintenance or extra costs.

Multilingual Platform

We provide training in German and English and allow participants to set their preference, suiting international workplaces.

Step by Step: Your Training with StackFuel

  1. Evaluating your needs

    Together we evaluate your workplace needs and what you want to achieve from our training.

  2. Joining our training platform

    You always have easy access to the course structure and progress, including upcoming tests and results of tests already taken.

  3. Feeling empowered with data skills

    As you complete the training you have access to your full results to know which areas require further learning and exploration.

For prospective learners:

Looking to enhance your data skills?

Talk to us to learn how to talk to your employer about online data training with StackFuel. We will provide you with convincing material and strong argumentation

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