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Your Data Training Opportunities with us

Understand the fundamentals of data science, increase your team's data-awareness, or build, analyze and optimize big data solutions.

Our Portfolio of Training and Seminars

Data Awareness thumbnail

Data Awareness

A seminar that covers the basics of data analytics to gain an understanding of data-driven work and decision-making and to synchronise team work.

4 Wochen
Data Driven Management thumbnail

Data Driven Management

Entry into the topics of data strategy, data management and data thinking to identify the entrepreneurial potential of data.

4 Weeks
Data Analyst in Python thumbnail

Data Analyst in Python

A practical, hands-on training that will teach you how to analyse and visualise data, and perform basic statistical operations on data with Python.

15 Wochen
Data Scientist with Python thumbnail

Data Scientist with Python

Covers machine learning, advanced statistics and processing Big Data with Apache Spark and Hadoop.

18 Wochen

Course Features

Interactive Data Lab

Learning by doing is the most effective way of learning complex topics. Our online platform is an interactive data lab that allows participants to learn Python and R techniques by trying code and directly seeing the results.

Industry Specific Datasets

We tailor our example datasets to suit your industry and its needs, meaning that participants work with examples relevant to their work. Optionally, we can integrate company-specific data sets into the course.

Course Management

Our courses run on timelines that you define. This means participants in your workforce can take part in courses together, creating a positive learning experience.

Always up to Date

Programming languages and libraries are constantly changing, our Data Lab will always offer the most up to date stable versions of Python, R, and common libraries.


The data lab is a cloud-based infrastructure, avoiding the need for setup, maintenance, or extra costs.

Multilingual Platform

We provide training in German and English and allow participants to set their preference, suiting international workplaces.

Test our training environment

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Benefits of Digital Learning

Why online education is taking you beyond

With online learning, you can acquire the skills you need at a pace and time that suits you. Content is always up-to-date and you can instantly test your knowledge with interactive quizzes or code playgrounds. Thanks to this convenience and instant feedback, online learning has higher retention rates, greater student satisfaction, and lower costs.

  • Industry and academia teachers

  • Self-paced learning

  • Industry-specific projects

  • Access to support & peers

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