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Data Awareness


Online on-the-job Training


8 h in 1 month (2 h/week)


Deutsch / English

The aim of this seminar is to strengthen a data-driven approach towards operations and decision-making in employee’s mindset using industry examples and real world experience. An introduction into data analytics allows employees to communicate in a professional manner and promotes a strengthened cooperation between IT-employees and other personnel.

Module 1

A New Mindset: Data-driven Thinking

What does it mean to apply a data-driven thinking and decision-making approach?

How can questions concerning data sets be formulated and solved using data analytics?

What needs to be taken into account when handling data (e.g. correlation and causality)?

How should data be presented, communicated and interpreted?

To what extent do data trends influence businesses and their departments?

Module 2

Data at Work: Basic Data Analytics

Which data types exist?

Which forms of data analytics exist?

How is data processing structured?

Which technologies are relevant for the analysis of big data?

How important are statistics in data analytics?

Which applications have what relevance? (e.g. Python, R, Excel, Tableau)?

How are data analyses coordinated and implemented within the organization?

Target audience

Employees who want to understand the field of data analytics, who will do basic data analysis in the future or who work closely together with data specialists. Participants do not need to have specific knowledge in mathematics or any experience in programming to follow and learn the content of this seminar.


  • Enables communication between employees on an equal level
  • Synchronizes internal collaboration on a team level

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